Friday, April 22, 2016

The Cheep Girls

Life with chicks ~ Cheep, Eat, Excrete, Sleep, Repeat.

(Yes, I really wrote that byline.) 

This year's hatchlings came from My Pet Chicken.  As always, they do a great job and send healthy and happy chicks.  Last year was our first time ordering and we did receive all hens as requested. Silkie chickens are notoriously difficult to sex.  All of our Silkies and Cochins received from 2015 are still doing great and provide us with fresh eggs every day.

One word of advice, and that would be to order EARLY to be sure and get the varieties that you want.  It's difficult to believe how quickly that certain varieties sell out! I placed my order on December 7, 2015, they were shipped on April 18, 2016 and arrived on April 19, 2016.

In addition to being able to select the sex, My Pet Chicken also allows customers to order small quantities.  The exact number can be checked by entering your zip code on their website. Chick Minimum Calculator 

This year; I decided to add some full sized chickens to our little backyard flock which previously consisted of all bantams. I've provided links below on the breed name where they can be ordered.

1.  White Crested Blue Polish (Babushka).  She was being extra cooperative, so ended up with the most photos.

2.   Olive Egger  

3.  Buff Laced Polish (Buffy)

4.   Swedish Flower Hens  Buyers are limited to no more than 3, and I did order the maximum.

  (Robbi K.) ~ Crested

Swedish Flower Hen #2 (Inga--now Sven)

Swedish Flower Hen #3 (Anna) ~ Crested

5.  Silver Laced Polish (Bouffant)

6.  Bantam Easter Egger (Esther)

7.  Partridge Silkie Bantam                              
Chick #1 (Heather)

Chick #2 (Sammie)

Special thanks to my daughter Kaitlin for handling the chicks while I took the photos.  You can learn more about her beautiful nails at Kaitlin's Designer Nail Spa or purchase online in her Etsy Shop.

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