Monday, April 25, 2016

Chick Sandals

Unfortunately, some chicks have problems walking due to a number of issues.  This can many times be corrected by wearing a chick sandal.

One of our Partridge Silkies arrived this year with a deformed foot.  You can see here in the photo taken on April 20, 2016 that her right foot is perfectly normal, while the last two toes on the left are turned under.

It's possible that silkies are more prone to issues being that they have 5 toes.  I was hopeful that the problem might correct itself but it didn't.  Little Sammie was actually walking on top of her own toe.  It didn't slow her down a bit, but I had concerns about the long term effects of this as an adult.  I imagine that some hatcheries would just cull a chick with a deformity, but it is possible to correct foot issues in many cases.  I understand when working on a large scale that companies are out to make a profit.  I, personally believe in trying to preserve life when there is hope for recovery and the opportunity to lead a nearly normal life.

Let me preface this by stating clearly that I am not a veterinarian, nor do I feel comfortable providing any medical advice that I would have written myself.  Rather, I'm going to provide a link to an article regarding chick sandals and the reader can decide whether this might be something that they too might want to try.

(Scroll down the page to the section regarding crooked toes.)

Here's a photo from today with the sandal applied ~ Princess Sammie visiting the castle.


If the Sandal fits--wear it.  :)

And, another with the sandal removed to have the dressing changed.  Already, the toe looks to be in a much better position, although I doubt that it will ever be fully normal.

This part of the toe by the arrow had been previously bent completely under.  I'm not sure if Sammie was born this way or if the foot was possibly damaged during shipping.

Please check back here for updates on Sammie's progress.

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